COPPA Notice

Road to Success’ COPPA Notice

Road to Success (“RTS”) strives to comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations. While RTS does not fall within the scope of the Child Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”), we want to provide some information on RTS and how it related to COPPA.

RTS does not collect any data from children. RTS is a tool for teachers to use with their students to encourage, track, and reward reading time. The teacher, upon signing up with RTS, inputs their student’s First Name, Last Name, and School into the RTS program. The teacher then sends home a notice to parents that the teacher is using this program and can login and track their child’s reading times.

The individuals who have access to this limited information are the teacher, the parents of the child, and RTS’s software developers, Hoverstate. While the software development developer does have access to the information, its access is limited due to the nature of its job. The only information that is stored in RTS’s database is the First name, Last name, and School of the child. RTS does not publish any information provided by the teachers online. RTS will never request the Birthdate, Address, or any other Personal Information relating to the child or the parents. A parent may request the teacher delete the child’s information at any time by contacting the teacher and requesting the child’s RTS account be closed.

You may direct any questions to your child’s teacher, or to

Beanstack’s COPPA Notice

Beanstack for Schools Is COPPA compliant as it does not collect any personally identifiable information from students. The product instead integrates with the school’s rostering system in which case the school or district determines which information to share. The only information required to use the service is a username, password, and age or grade level. Schools may choose to collect additional information to further personalize the service and to gain more comprehensive data. Such data collection is not required by Beastack. Beanstack does not sell information to third parties or market goods or services to users. Additionally, Beanstack complies fully with the Student Privacy Pledge.